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Kittyzilla at the ArtBloc : 07/22/14 : 0 Comments

kittyzilla 1 kittyzilla2 kittyzilla3 the kittens are coming- kittyzilla Hamilton Bark Festival - kittyzilla

We had a great time corralling the kitties in the ArtBloc city and gave many kitties a happy home!

Please Join Us! ArtBloc Opening | Hamilton Square | May 6, 2014 : 04/24/14 : 0 Comments

Please Join Us! ArtBloc Opening | Hamilton Square | May 6, 2014.

6th Borough Market : 04/24/14 : 0 Comments

6th Borough Market.

While enjoying the 6th Borough Market, this Sunday 11-5pm, come see the Artbloc!

Catch sight of a ‘Glowing Home’ in Jersey City | : 03/15/14 : 0 Comments

Catch sight of a ‘Glowing Home’ in Jersey City |

Interview with Fanny Allié : 03/12/14 : 0 Comments

Fanny Allié at ArtBloc | Curious Matter.

Click on this link to read an interview with Fanny Allié provided by Raymond Mingst of the excellent gallery Curious Matter.

Fanny Allié: The Glowing Home : 02/25/14 : 0 Comments


Exhibition on view March 13, 2014—April 30, 2014

Curated by Brendan Carroll

Allié’s neon sculpture of a solitary human figure transforms ArtBloc, a mobile art space built from repurposed shipping containers, into a temporary shelter. A sound installation will accompany the work, which features separately recorded voices by people living or working in Jersey City. The songs, which touch on feelings of home, memory, and loss, will be played back through a pair of speakers affixed to ArtBloc.

For more information about the artist click on the link above.

Kati Vilim — the Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project : 02/20/14 : 0 Comments

Kati Vilim — the Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project.

Click on the link in red to check out the portraits of Kati Vilim inside the ArtBloc during her recent installation, Extempore Refrain.

Photo by Colleen Gutwein 

Hamilton Park BBQ : 09/30/13 : 0 Comments

view of Artbloc stage at BBQ

Beer, BBQ, music and dancing at the Hamilton Park BBQ Festival!

4th Annual Hamilton Park BBQ Festival : 09/27/13 : 0 Comments




Closing reception @ Artbloc Thursday 8/29 7:30 – 9:30p : 08/29/13 : 0 Comments