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ArtBloc is a mobile contemporary art and performance space, built from repurposed shipping containers, that may also be used as a pop-up retail or restaurant space.


Our primary goal is to provide an art space to local artists and performers, and we are seeking collaborations that are inspired by the unique mobility and flexibility of the ArtBloc, and we want to give artists or performers (or anybody creative with a crazy idea) a chance to show or perform their work.

We can bring ArtBloc to locations or communities that may not have any galleries or performance spaces nearby – we can set it up in empty lots and provide artists with a unique venue for creativity.

ArtBloc is also an art object – it can be used as a giant light-box, or as a surface for art, or as building blocks for sculpture. It’s also expandable – we can add on other containers, a stage or other structures. Eventually we’d like to to power it from solar panels, and collect rainwater from the container roofs for a garden around Artbloc.


Both containers have  floor-to-ceiling openings on each side, that can be closed off or opened up using removable windows or panels. The containers may be aligned or stacked in different ways, and the container doors can be opened or closed, which means that the ArtBloc can be set up in many different and flexible configurations, according to the needs of each new individual project or event.